ProBlue Flex Series Software Release Version 5.012 (March 23, 2023)
1. Place the file below onto USB flash drive for upgrade.
2. Place the USB flash drive into the ProBlue Flex melter unit front panel USB port and follow installation instructions. Software updates must be unencrypted and unprotected for successful installation.
Version 5.012 Software Features:
- Selectable Restore – System Settings | Recipes | Customer Names | Networking | Maintenance
- Shifts Scheduler – 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th
- Temperature Ready Status – Flashing Green
- Zone Temperatures on OLED Screen Saver – Internal Zones | External Zones
- Active Alarms Screen – Displays alarms creating the alarm state (Alert | Stop | Fault)
- Heat Scheduler Input Option – System Inputs
- Enhanced Recipe Sorting – Last Modified | Last Loaded
- FTP Actions – Backup | Restore | Upgrade
- Custom Zone Names on Event Log – External Zones
- Heater On Hours added to the OLED – Added to the System Information page
- Backup Report Data added to the WEB PAGES – Added to the Preference page
ProBlue Flex Software Version 4.010
ProBlue Flex Beta Software
ProBlue Flex SD Cards

If your ProBlue Flex unit shipped with software older than 2.549, please install this patch file.
Membrane Panel ID Patch Files
(requires software version 2.553 or higher)

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