ProBlue Flex Series Software Release Version 6.002 (November, 2023)
1. Place the file below onto USB flash drive for upgrade.
2. Place the USB flash drive into the ProBlue Flex melter unit front panel USB port and follow installation instructions. Software updates must be unencrypted and unprotected for successful installation.
Version 6.002 Software Features Added:
- Automatic backup (.nor) of latest settings to SD card (\Backup\<.nor>)
- SmartMelt active indication on both OLED and Web Pages
- New flexmap ADI to allow a PLC to load a recipe using an index number
   * Index number to recipe name association will need to be preconfigured before using this ADI
   * Home | System Settings | System IO | Assign Remote Recipe using BBconn Cloud, OLED or Web Pages
- Adhesive level added to the OLED screen saver
- Enhanced status/state icons added to the OLED screen saver
- New system inputs for Flow Control and Clear Alarms
- Remote recipe index number indication on recipe management screen (Web Pages only)
- Expanded Setback Delta range (5C - 194C)
- Expanded Under Temperature Threshold range (5C - 60C)
- Removed High AC Voltage and Low AC Voltage alarms
- Added the ability to set the installed pressure control valve via a patch file (see the Pressure Control Valve Patch Files web page)

Previous Versions Issues Resolved:
- Fill system sometimes filling with the heaters off
- Difficulty connecting to the melter’s web pages on networks with high latency
- Incorrect character displayed on the OLED screen saver in Japanese
- Compatibility issue with CompactCom M40 Module - EtherCAT (ProBlue Flex V4.010 or lower and EtherCAT firmware V2.24 or higher)
   • CompactCom M40 Module - EtherCAT firmware version is located on the white sticker near the 20-pin connector (see photo)
- At bootup Maximum Fill Time resetting to 60 seconds if previously set to less than 60 seconds
- Maintenance timers not being maintained over an upgrade
- Expanded IO board toggling input(s) momentarily
- System I/O - Auto Setback input not working for high-speed signals (shorter than 500 ms)
   • For high-speed signals, the Standard Input #1 must be used
- Heat/Setback scheduler not working on the correct day of the week
- Upgrading is recommended if you are using the scheduler and have a PCB part number of 1127172_13 or 1127172_14 installed

ProBlue Flex Previous Software Versions
ProBlue Flex SD Cards

If your ProBlue Flex unit shipped with software older than 2.549, please install this patch file.
Membrane Panel ID Patch Files
(requires software version 2.553 or higher)

ProBlue Flex Pressure Control Valve Patch Files

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BBConn Cloud Website (Chrome and Edge compatible only)

ProBlue Flex Series License Key Website