Spectra 30 Patch Files Downloads

Spectra 30 Control System Software
Version 9.404
1. Right-Click on link.
2. Select "Save As" or "Save Target As".
3. Save the zip file to your pc.
4. Right click on saved zip file and select "Extract All".
5. Select your pc drive which has your usb flash drive inserted into it.
6. Click Save.
7. Plug the usb fash drive into the Spectra 30 Controller USB port and follow the onscreen instructions.

Spectra Prism Tool
Spectra 30 Prism Tool
Version 3.69
• The Spectra 30 Prism Tool allows you to make certain adjustments to system settings that cannot be adjusted through the touch screen user interface.
1. Click on link to open.
2. Save as "Spectra30Prism.zip" to your PC.
3. Right click on saved zip file and select "Extract All".
4. Run the msi file to complete the installation (depending on your security settings, this may require administrative rights to install)
Download Prism Instructions Here

Spectra 30
Software License Key Website

Spectra 30 Software License Key Website
How to Obtain a Spectra 30 Add-on License
• The functionality of your Spectra 30 can be upgraded via the purchase of additional software license keys.
• Click on the link to go the licensing website.
• You will need your Spectra 30 unit Part Number and Serial Number (available on the label on top of the cover or on the info page of touch screen).
• On this website you can
1. Access the license keys that are currently activated in your system
2. Request a quote for additional keys
3. Attach a purchase order for additional keys.