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TruFlow Flex Software Update

TruFlow Flex Software Update for Controller
Controller Update Instructions
1. Save the zip file to your pc.
2. Right click on saved zip file and select "Extract All".
3. Copy the SIMATIC.S7S folder and S7_JOB.S7S file onto the special Siemens-formatted SD card.
4. Switch Off the controller, and open the controller panel and insert the SD card (a) into the PLC CPU. The Siemens-formatted SD card is required for the upgrade. The card was included with the P/N 7413471TruFlow Flex.
5. Power On the controller and wait until the “,MAINT” LED begins flashing (should take approximately 20 seconds).
6. Switch OFF the controller and remove the SD card.
7. Reboot the controller. The upgrade is complete.

Touch Screen Update Instructions
1. Copy the 7409922_xx.PRP file onto the USB flash drive (xx is the software version).
2. Insert the USB drive into the socket on the controller front panel.
3. Access the touch screen and touch System Setting, then System, and touch Upload HMI Software.
4. Touch Open Folder, then OK to select the PRP file. The upgrade process will start and takes approximately 3 minutes. When done, the software automatically reboots the controller.