Nordson Technical Manuals Search Tips

Use the tips on this page to help search for information contained in the technical documents on this site. You can search using either a single word (for broad results) or the tips listed below (for more specific results). 

NOTE:  Clicking on a link provided by a search takes you to the first page of the corresponding document.

To find specific occurrences of a word, phrase, or part number within an opened document, use the Find button on the Reader's menu bar.

Searching For Part Numbers

You can search for document part numbers or for part numbers in document parts lists.

To search for a document part number, type in the part number, without any spaces, in the search field. If you do not know the revision letter, type an asterisk (*) in place of the revision letter. If you know the document EDB number but not the part number, try searching for the EDB number, or click on the EDB>Part No. Reference link on the home page.

To search for a part number within a document, try one of these methods:

123 NEAR 456 (searches for a part number with a space between the first and last three digits.

123456 (searches for a part number without a space).

123456* (searches for a part number without a space and any revision letter).

Searching For Words

Two or More Words (using AND)
Type airless AND automatic to find all documents that contain both the words airless and automatic.

Synonyms (using OR)
Type collector module OR color module to find documents containing information about either collector modules or color modules, but not necessarily both.

Exclude Words (using AND NOT)
Type pump AND NOT powder to find all instances of pump, as long as pump is not preceded or followed by powder.

Double Quotes (to use the words and, or, not, or near literally)
Type “batch and conveyor booths” to find documents containing the phrase batch and conveyor booths.  Without the double quotes, this search would locate all documents containing the words batch and conveyor booths anywhere in the document.

Words that Begin with the Same Letters (using a Single Asterisk *)
Type key* to find documents containing key, keypad, keyboard, keyswitch, etc.

All Forms of a Word (using a Double Asterisk **)
Type spray** to find documents containing spray, spraying, sprayed, etc.